Floating Stage on the Vltava, Prague

Jiří Suchý

Aria of the Moon

Performers: Jiří Suchý & the Semafor theatre band
led by Jiří J. N. Svoboda

Featuring: Jitka Molavcová

A late summer's evening in the open air with Jiří Suchý and the Semafor Theatre Orchestra performing a selection of songs on the theme of water on a stage floating right on the river.

This one-off concert - named after the song 'Aria of the Moon,' written in 1961 by Jiří Suchý and Jiří Šlitr and sung by Waldemar Matuška – features living legend Suchý performing a programme featuring Suchý/ Šlitr songs inspired by water (and more), such as 'Swan Song', 'Mississippi', 'Blue T-shirt,' and 'Aria of the Moon' itself. Just as with Suchý's 'Recital,' created by Strings of Autumn for Prague's Rudolfinum concert hall, the staging of this concert on the Vltava has been tailor-made to suit its spectacular setting and will feature special stage design and choreography. 

Jiří J. N. Svoboda - piano David Vrobel - sax, clarinet Vladimír Vandrovec – guitar Jan L. Střížovský - bass Petr Zimák - drums Veronika Tichá - tenor sax, vocals Magdalena Jedličková - trombone, vocals Eliška Hurábová – alto sax, clarinet, vocals

Dancers: Tereza Solařová, Barbora Pospíšilová, Krystýna Zebrová, Leona Hančíková, Lenka Bílková, Lucie Jansová

Festival program